You can find some of the best beaches in the Valencian Community right in the capital city of Valencia.

The incredible weather that Valencia enjoys for a large part of the year makes this province one of the main European tourist destinations for those seeking a few days of sun, good temperatures, and a wide range of entertainment and leisure options. Whether you are traveling with children or not, the beaches of Valencia are a sure bet. Here is a list of the best beaches in the Valencian Community.

Playa de la Malvarrosa

Malvarrosa beach

Malvarrosa Beach is the best city beach in the Valencian capital. Located to the north of the city’s port, this beach is characterized by its fine sand and the multitude of amenities on the boardwalk that lines it. This area is home to restaurants with the best cuisine Valencia has to offer, so it’s ideal for enjoying a summer day to the max on one of the most popular beaches in the Valencian Community. It’s also perfect for visiting the best must-see museums.

Playa La Devesa

natural environment of Devesa beach

Just 15 minutes from the city of Valencia, you can find La Devesa Beach, the only unspoiled beach in the city. This natural environment is an extraordinary setting, as its ecosystem is full of lagoons and dunes that intermingle with all types of vegetation, providing shelter for many birds. If you want to breathe in the fresh air or enjoy communing with nature while at the same time being close to the city, this is your best option. 

Playa de Pinedo

Pinedo beach and background, the port.

Very close to El Saler Beach is Pinedo Beach, with fine golden sands and countless dunes. Its waters, which is calm with moderate surf, are perfect for those looking to enjoy a pleasant day. Along its nearly two miles of beach, you can find beach bars and restaurants with a wide range of local cuisine. In addition, there is a nudist area.

Playa de El Saler

The beach of El Saler, in the Natural Park of l’Albufera

El Saler Beach, located within the Albufera Nature Park, is preferred by those who are looking for a tranquil setting surrounded by nature. For many, this is the best of all the city beaches thanks to the quality of its water and sand. In fact, it has received the Blue Flag award as well as the “Q” Touristic Quality award. Take advantage and try a delicious plate of Valencian paella at one of the area’s restaurants and then kick back and relax on the dunes.

Playa El Cabañal – Las Arenas

Leisure area of Playa El Cabañal - Las Arenas

This city beach has a large number of visitors every season of the year. It has areas for sports and games so that the youngest can enjoy a great beach day on this always-bustling shoreline. Likewise, it is one of the most popular nightlife areas in Valencia, especially during the summer.

Playa El Recatí – Perellonet

Recatí beach

El Recatí Beach is south of Valencia and is like an extension of Devesa Beach. It’s part of the Albufera Nature Park. Thanks to its length—it’s nearly 2.5 miles long—many people come to do sports in a natural area close to the sea. Also, it’s a calm beach.

Playa de La Garrofera

Garrofera beach

Between El Saler Beach and La Devesa Beach is another with very similar characteristics: La Garrofera Beach. It features nearly a mile of fine sand and dunes where you can rest and relax. Like in the beaches we mentioned above, it has some sections that are more natural and is in an idyllic setting. It’s just fifteen minutes by car from the center of Valencia.

Valencian beaches outside of the city

Playa de Almardá (Sagunto)

Almardá beach, in Sagunto

In the town of Sagunto, you can find Almardá Beach. It has more than 1.25 miles of beach with the characteristic golden sand of the Valencian Community. This is the ideal option for those who want to spend a day at the beach with children thanks to its Blue Flag and “Q” Touristic Quality awards, its clear waters, and its many amenities.

Playa del Norte (Gandía)

Fine, golden sand; cool, clear water; and an endless number of activities to do on one of the best beaches in the Valencian Community. Even with all these draws, it’s not very crowded, so it’s ideal for relaxing and enjoying a little peace and quiet. You can walk along its boardwalk, which ends at the Royal Nautical Club, where you can find the port and where about 400 boats dock.

Playa de Terranova

This beach, which is in the town of Oliva, is one hour from the center of Valencia. This area is not very developed, so there aren’t usually any crowds in summer. You can find a fresh water spring on this beach, which is home to various species of birds and fish. It is surrounded by groves of citrus trees, which are typical of the Valencian Community.

On vacation, you have time for everything. We’ve suggested some of the best beaches, but you can round out your trip with all of the entertainment Valencia has to offer by visiting the city. In that case, we recommend that you stay at the Senator Parque Central Hotel, a 4-star hotel located in the renowned Soho area of Valencia. It is outfitted with all the luxurious amenities you could want for an outstanding stay.


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